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Four Tips for Highly Effective Online Dating Profile


If you have decided to take the plunge into online dating, whether you are a newly single or have been single for a while, or are rejoining the dating pool after a divorce or being widowed, it can be an exciting undertaking. Thanks to the wide variety of different sites targeted at everyone from ‘cougars’ (older women who want to date younger men) to young professionals, and from religious people to older singles (like loveagain.com, which is a great site for mature dating), most people can find a site they enjoy using with a great number or relevant potential matches close to their location.


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Of course, a big part of attracting plays the photos you use in your profile. Here are four tips to help you choose pictures to impress, and give the right feeling!


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Use the Right Number of Pictures

Choose between three and five photos. Experts agree that this is the optimum amount – any more looks like a vanity photo album that is better suited to Facebook and may make potential matches feel a bit ‘stalkerish’ looking through them all. Choose less and it implies you only have one or two pictures of yourself you like the best!



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Wear Bright Colours

Unless you have a very specific style that involves literally only wearing a certain type of thing choose photos where you are wearing bright colours to help you stand out. It is a known fact that men notice women in red 10 times oftener then in any other colour. Red and pastel shades are thought to be the most psychologically appealing on women for dating.

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No Group Photos

Whether you want to show how sociable and fun you are, or how much you love your family, don’t express this by having your friends, kids or other family members in your profile pictures. It can be confusing for a potential match to work out which one is you in a group picture with friends, and no matter how important your family is to you, your potential date want to date you not your family. They might come to love your kids or parents later, but first they want you. Also avoid any photos with an ex-partner.




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A genuine smile makes you look friendly, fun to be around, and appealing. If you want to dial it up a notch, some experts recommend a flirty or sexy smile, though this really depends if you are a flirty person in real life!

Choosing great profile pictures is more about looking interesting and lively than looking like a model, so avoid Photoshop and very posed pictures, and instead pick some shots you are happy with how you look in but which feel natural and reflective of how you really are!

Now you know that your profile picture is your lucky ticket to meet compatible singes to make friends and ideally find your perfect match. Make sure you choose the best one!

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